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Kärntnermilch reg.Gen.m.b.H.

Kärntnermilch reg.Gen.m.b.H.
Villacher Straße 92, A-9800 Spittal/Drau
Tel.: +43 (0)47 62 / 610 61 0
Fax Management: +43 (0) 4762 / 610 61 861
Fax Sales/Marketing: +43 (0) 4762 / 610 61 862
E-mail: office@kaerntnermilch.at



Bio+, Mehr als Genuss

ÖR Josef Wielscher, Chairman
Dir. Helmut Petschar, Managing Director

Sales & Marketing:
Wolfgang Kavalar, Head of Marketing & Sales

Product range:

White and yellow range of the highest organic quality

  • White range: ESL milk, buttermilk, fruit and natural yoghurts, sour cream, ESL cream, best quality butter, curd cheese, drink yoghurts, cocoa
  • Yellow range: semi-hard cheese, hard cheese, naturally ripened hard and semi-hard cheese, soft cheese, cheese specialities such as e.g. cheese with added ingredients (Alpine herb cheese)
  • Gastronomy: large packs for fine cuisine

IFS Certificate, Austria Bio Garantie, Agrovet
Health mark: AT 20130 EG
Organic mark: AT-BIO-301
Guaranteed GMO-free production

Kärntnermilch is one of the pioneers in the organic milk sector in Austria. As early as 1994, the creamery invested in processing organic milk into organic products. The know-how and the conviction of being able to offer regional specialities in the organic segment continue to date. At present nearly 20% of the Carinthian farmers provide the creamery with organic milk for processing. The demand for organic products confirms Kärntnermilch's success. Consumers buy more consciously now than ever before and pay close attention to careful processing and qualitative natural ingredients.


Organic milk is an opportunity for small-scale farms in Carinthia to prosper – quality rather than quantity still matters here. And critical consumers know that. Bio+ products are made from the best raw products from selected organic farms and processed under strict quality control. Guaranteed GMO-free. Naturally from the best organic milk.